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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day Reflections

Valentine's Day Reflections
by Manvir Singh Khalsa

Valentine's Day celebrates love.
Valentine's Day is about showing your love.
Valentine's Day involves sharing love.

Who do you love?
Who would you want show your love to?
Who do you wish to share your love with?

We all have love.
We can all show love.
We can all share love.

My Valentine's would be the person who taught me about love.
My Valentine's would be the person who showed me love.
My Valentine's would be the person who I learnt to share love.

My Valentine's Day is everyday.
My Valentine's Day is the early hours before sunrise.
My Valentine's Day is waking up to Vaheguru.

My special person would be my Beloved Guru.
My special person would be my parents.
My special person would be my Dear Vaheguru.

The sign of love is willing to sacrifice all you have.
The sign of love is being graceful and forgiving.
The sign of love is being side by side forever.

Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji sacrificed his mother, father, four sons, and all he had for his children.
Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji showered His grace on me and gave me the gift of Amrit and Naam.
Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji is always with me in the Divine form of the Shabad and the roop of the Khalsa.

sukhee basai mero parivaaraa. sevak sikh sabhai kartaaraa.
"May me family, the Sikhs, live happily, and may my Sikhs and disciple cross over to Vaheguru."
(Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Benti Chaupai)

A mother sacrifices her share of a meal just to see her child does not feel hungry
A father sacrifices his time and energy, to work hard bring his children up.
A mother will be forgiving and show grace to her child when he or she does something wrong.

Our parents teach us to walk, talk and eat.
Our parents hug us when we feel lonely and wipe our tears when we feel sad.
Our parents do so much for us and yet do not seek thanks or appreciation.

kaahe poot jhagarat hau sang baap. jin ke jaNe badeere tum hau tin sio jhagarat paap. ||1||
Why O child do you argue with your parent? It is a sin to argue with him who gave you life and brought you up."
(Ang 1200)

The mother is the first one to offer companionship to her child from when the child is in her womb.
During hard times our parents stand side by side us.
When a child is sick or upset, our parents are still there to listen and offer a shoulder to cry on.

Vaheguru has given me the gift of a human body.
Vaheguru has given me the gift of the breathing.
Vaheguru has given me the gift of intellect.

Vaheguru can make me us from nothing to everything.
Vaheguru is a merciful judge who is neither harsh nor lenient.
Vaheguru bears no hatred; He listens and guides all those who ask with devotion.

saach kaho sun lehu sabhai jin prem kee-o tin hee prabh paae-i-o. ||9||

"I tell the truth, listen everybody: those who love (Vaheguru) obtain the Dear Lord."
(Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Swaarag Swaiye)

Vaheguru is my mother, father, friend and companion.
Vaheguru is always with me, within me and beside me.
Vaheguru protects me when I am a weak, lifts me when I fall, and guides me when I can't see.

Lets all pray that may we love Vaheguru as much as He loves us.

May Guru Sahib bless us all with Gursikhi Jeevan, Naam and Sikhi Sidq.


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